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Global Ties South Africa is a proud institutional member of a large, proven international network working to increase educational, cultural, and diplomatic connections across the world:  The Global Ties Network.

Proud Member of Global Ties U.S.

The Global Ties Network is a 55-year old network, coordinated by the Washington, DC-based Global Ties U.S., of nongovernmental organizations that promote and engage in international public and citizen diplomacy work that promotes the involvement of individuals in their respective nation’s international relations, through international exchanges. The Global Ties Network is comprised of more than 100 nonprofit organizations in the United States (across 45 different states), and 20 internationally. As a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Department of State, Global Ties U.S. sustains a network that coordinates international exchange Programmes and brings current and future leaders from around the world together to communities in the United States and around the world. Global Ties U.S. provides its members—from large, national organizations to smaller, community-based ones across 45 states and 20 countries—with connections, leadership development, and professional resources, so that they are the strongest, most effective organizations they can be. The leaders who participate in international exchanges—and the communities that host them—benefit from greater knowledge, further understanding, and deeper relationships. These shared experiences result in stronger local communities and a more peaceful, prosperous world. For more information on the Global Ties Network, visit:

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