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International exchanges (i.e. cultural, knowledge, and people-to-people exchanges) are at the heart of Global Ties South Africa’s work. Our current priority international exchange activities include:
Tailored Cultural, Educational, and Knowledge, Exchange Programs


We design, manage, and administer customized, theme-based exchange activities between South African companies, businesses, associations, universities, and other agencies and their global counterparts abroad. 

Citizen Diplomacy & Public Diplomacy Programs

We design, participate in, and/or support diplomacy programs sponsored by Embassies and Missions in South Africa that are working to build positive relations between their respective countries and South Africa through people-to-people exchange and engagement. This includes the U.S. Embassy and several of its public diplomacy programs such as the Fulbright Program, the Community College Initiative Program, the Community College Administrators Program, and others.  

Convening and Dialogues


We organize, facilitate, and manage speaking fora, summits, workshops, conferences, dialogues, and other events that bring together policy-makers, academics, professionals, community members, and others. These events are important opportunities to jointly discuss global issues and the importance of collaboration and engagement in developing solutions to key challenges that affect us all.

Alumni Engagement


We providing an organizational platform around which alumni and enthusiasts of international exchange programmes can rally, and become more active.

Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation


We participate in, and lead research that advances the understanding and practices of international education and exchange, citizen and public diplomacy, and other relevant international topics.  

Sport Is More Than A Game (SIM-TAG)


We design, develop, and manage sports-based exchange, training, and capacity-building projects designed to utilize the global love of sport as youth development, community-building, and empowerment tools.

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